Bert B. Bertonicus

A druid without any druid powers


Human fighter

HP: 6

STR 11
DEX 11
CON 15 (+1)
INT 6  (-1)
WIS 14 (+1)
CHA 8  (-1)


Spear: 1d6 dmg (+1 two-handed)
Dart x20: 1d3 dmg, ROF 3, range 15ft

Leather (move 120, 2 AC)
Shield (
1 AC)
AAC bonus: +3

Saving throw: 16

XP bonus: 5%


Bert staggered along the roadside, cursing his bad luck. The edge of the forest still seemed impossibly distant, and the throbbing in his head seemed to weigh him down more with every step. Master An`dal’s advice was beginning to make more sense.

Master An`dal had warned Bert not to confront the logging parties directly. For weeks now An`Dal had been making trips into that nearby town, going before the baron to plead with him not spare the sacred grove that the town’s loggers were coming closer to each day. When the baron refused and the loggers continued to encroach on the forest, Bert had taken up his spear, eager to stop the next band of loggers and send a message to the town…but Master An`dal had told him to stay his hand and be patient.

If I had listened to that advice, Bert thought, then maybe I wouldn’t be here now, dragging myself out of a ditch and limping home with an aching head. I don’t think I even slowed those loggers down.

With great effort, Bert reached the edge of the wood and made his way along the logging path. Most of the trees here had been cleared weeks ago, but he still felt surprised by the openness every time he came to this part of the forest. For as long as he could remember, he had always felt more at home in the dim, cramped spaces in the deep part of the forest, where Master An`dal had raised him.

Bert reached the end of the cleared area and stumbled through a thicket, finally bursting through to the clearing that separated the outer part of the forest from the sacred grove. The sight he saw there stopped him in his tracks, and he fell to the ground.

He landed on a layer of charred wood, leaving his hands and knees black. All around him, the ground was covered with bits of burned wood. There were a few large, black pits where lightning had struck the ground. While there were no bodies in sight, the smell of the dead was in the air. And at the other end of the clearing, smoke was still rising from charred stumps where the sacred grove must stood.

Master An`Dal never would have let the sacred grove be encroached. Then Master An`Dal must be…

Bert’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of voices coming through the thicket. He scrambled along the charred ground and towards the cover of trees, getting out of sight before the loggers reached the clearing. He wanted nothing more but to charge at them, screaming, and kill as many as he could before he drew his last breath. But he held himself back. Obviously the forest was already lost. Bert wouldn’t be able to save anyone or anything by getting himself killed. His impetuousness had already resulted in the loss of the grove…and his master. No, what he must do now was bide his time, gather his strength, gain the experience and power he needed to protect the wild…and get vengeance for what happened here.

I’ll be patient, Master, just like you told me. With that thought, Bert slipped into the wilderness…

Bert B. Bertonicus

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